“Mayumi is the most healing professional I have encountered in my 70 years of life.  The moment she laid her hands on my head, I experienced a deep beautiful vibration.  Mayumi  is dedicated, loving, compassionate and giving.  I am honored to be one of her clients and consider her healing energy a glorious gift.”  

         Jane   Retired R.N.


  “Mayumi has a powerful, pure and compassionate energy.  She not only has passion but she studies and respects both Japanese and Western Reiki very well.  You will enjoy her session. No doubt about it. “

         Noriko Fujita



      “For the past year, I have been receiving Reiki treatments from Mayumi on a bi-weekly basis.  As soon as she puts her hands on me, I feel the energy penetrating my body and this sense of calm takes over.  After the session, I feel more balanced and can gracefully manage day to day life.  I highly recommend Mayumi to those who want a difference in their lives through Reiki.    

                Gretta  I.


      “I felt that she must have heated up her hands in warm water to radiate the warmth.  But that was not the case as I touched her hands and they felt cool.  On my way to the appointment I felt terribly nervous and stressed out, but only a few minutes into the session I became relaxed and then even fell asleep.  I definitely believe in the healing power of Reiki Therapy and can recommend Mayumi as an excellent therapist.  

            Ursula Ekern